1. Establishment: Sanguine Scissors Ltd was established in 2009.

  2. Focus: The company specializes in manufacturing high-quality hairdressing scissors.

  3. Direct-to-Consumer Model: They adopt a unique approach by selling their products directly to end buyers, bypassing intermediaries or middlemen.

  4. Pricing Strategy: The company claims to offer unbeatable prices by passing on savings directly to customers, ensuring that those who appreciate the art of hairstyling can access premium craftsmanship.

Our Main Brands

Todano Scissors
Super Sharp Hair Scissors

Professional hair cutting scissors which are made for all level hair cuttings

Master Scissors
Master Class Hair Scissors

Master class hair cutting scissors.

For you Scissors
Matches your style hair scissors

Matches with your style and comfort hair cutting scissors

Xperia Scissors
Hitachi Steel Hair Scissors

Our finest range of hair scissors. Made of Hitachi steel which should last you for life.